Eastrock Safety Cage

New – We are pleased to offer fully customized safety cages for your machinery. Safety cages provide a barrier against potential hazards by stopping rotation when the cage is open.

Made from durable heavy gauge steel with industrial powder coat finish, they provide clear visibility.

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Eastrock Hoses & Fittings

Burst a hose? Call Eastrock first!
We are offering 10% off your next purchase of hydraulic hoses.

We offer:
Same day service
Assembly to specs
Service to the greater Ottawa region
We are an authorized Hebdraulique distributor.

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Eastrock Financing

We offer:
Straight Purchase Financing
Leasing Options
Tailored Solutions
Eastrock financing options include competitive rates with rental purchasing options. Gain 100% financing across Canada with bilingual services and the flexibility to upgrade at any time. Our financing is fast, convenient and offers peace of mind.

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This multipurpose drill has a range of rotaries that goes up to 32000 Nm and offers the EGT-designed rod carousel, bringing drilling depths up to 16m. It is designed for vertical, sub-vertical and radial drilling. There are 2 versions, one with remote control panel for all moving, positioning and drilling functions, the second with a control panel hinged to the rig body that folds away.

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